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In the strictest respect of the original and without any concession, the approach of ATELIER46 may surprise or displease, but the objective is and remains the conservation of the historic automobile heritage…

Car Maintenance

Our technicians are specialized in classic cars. Thus, ATELIER46 is able to offer precisely the various services to be done on your car...

Trouble Diagnosis

ATELIER46 offers diagnosis services during the purchase or the sales phase, but also after a long period of idleness or simply before considering any restoration work.

Car Hosting

The hosting activity of ATELIER46 is both a service that allows you to enjoy your car when you want, but also to have a contact in case of inconvenience 24/7.

Assistance sur évènement

ATELIER46 proposes the provision of assistance vehicles on the major events of the calendar in order to take care of the unforeseen. Drive on some of the most beautiful circuits in Europe...

Our Equipments

power bench

Preferring measurement to speculation, factual to theoretical, Atelier 46 has a latest-generation power bench and provides tangible proof of the vehicle's condition and performance for all this work. The service can be subscribed for a simple measurement.

Engine assembly room

Whether you're a fan of riding, regularity or competition, whether it's a simple tuning or a "deeper" operation, Atelier 46 is able to prepare most of the GT engines of the 50s and 60s. With a strong experience in competition and on many events, Atelier 46 guarantees its services.

Geometry Bench

Machining Room

Parc Assistance

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